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11/06/2009 - from the ashes of lack.of.function
some of the members of lack.of.function has started a new band called Liquid Shame. check them out at


Chris Melita, Patrick Janidlo, Patrick Keenan and Chad Quackenbush of the band lack.of.functionlack.of.function is a 4-piece based in Albany NY. The band's musical style is an off hard/punk/alternative rock – a patron at a bar describes the music as "dark and heavy". The songs focus on "dysfunctional" themes, with songs like "Guilt", "Whipped", and "Waiting to Exploded" that talk about strong Christian upbringing, relationships, and stressful high school environments, respectively.

lack.of.function is: Chad Quackenbush [vocals]
Patrick Janidlo [guitar/vocals]
Patrick Keenan [bass]
Chris Melita [drums]


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